We specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of small leather goods and leather accessories. the facroty -- SHANGHAI EAJANEL LEATHERWARE CO., LTD which owned by our company have facilities and process control expertise to enable us to produce high quality small leather goods. Our production of small leather goods are well known for its quality, material and workmanship.we have rich experience on leather goods wholesale and small leather goods export.

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Fashion Leather Accessories

There is no better way to round out that perfect outfit than with those perfect leather fashion accessories. When you have leather accessories that complement your wardrobe, you give off a certain vibe of sophistication and style. You also show the people that you encounter that you take your style seriously which is helpful if you are applying for a new job or trying to impress that certain someone. The right leather fashion accessories will help you be remembered and give off a great impression to others.

How To Care For Your Leather In 4 Easy Steps

The first step to leather care is keeping your leather clean. This can be accomplished with a soft, moist rag. Old diapers, washcloths or clean shop rags work fine. Wipe the leather in a small, circular pattern to remove any surface dirt and grime. For heavier soiling, use a small amount of liquid soap, making sure to wipe with a clean, wet rag to remove residue...

Convenient Check Book Wallets

There is no question about it-carrying a checkbook around can be a pain. They’re big, (this is the reason men prefer to use credit cards), they come open in a woman’s purse, the checks get crumpled, and they don’t fit conveniently into other wallets. There is a solution though! A checkbook wallet, or checkbook clutch is the answer. These checkbook wallets have the best features of a wallet; places for credit or business cards, currency, papers and also provide a place to put your checkbook. For those times when you don’t want to take your checkbook with you, the checkbook covers are removable. Since a checkbook wallet is sized for personal checks, it’s too large to fit into a man’s back pocket, but it will fit easily in a suit coat pocket. While a man might not consider it a substitute for the leather wallet he carries in his pants pocket, its small size makes it a good alternative wallet when he needs to carry checks with him.

About Small Leather Goods

Small leather goods cover a wide range of articles. They are used for miscellaneous purposes. Each and every article has its own utility. The uses of small leather goods are very diversified. Usually, these leather goods are smaller in size and they don't have very sophisticated designs. But now-a-days, a significant change has occurred in this product segment. This significant change is regarding the designs of these products. To maintain a balance between the utility of small leather goods and changing fashion scenario of the customers, a modern fashionable touch has been introduced in these products. These small leather goods are available in attractive colors and enticing finishes. The colors include black, brown, tan, gray and many more. Leather of various qualities are used for making these goods. Usage of Small Leather Goods There are various types of small leather goods like leather travel accessories, leather belts, key chains, leather eyeglass cases, corporate gifts etc. Small leather travel accessories are very useful to keep small items needed during the travel. These are available in different designs and use for multitude purposes. Leather belts have become the symbol of fashion for the young generation and will always remain a necessary article for other people as well. Leather key chain is another innovative and useful accessory. Leather eyeglass cases are tailor made to protect your lenses from scratches and other unwanted damage. It provides extra protection to your spectacles. Leather corporate gifts comprise some of the finest corporate gift items used in business houses. Each product represents best finishing touch. These leather gifts are a synonyms of perfection and precision.