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Easy to take a waist bag

Wear one when you go for walks, biking, jogging, shopping or just about anywhere. These leather fanny packs allow you to carry a multitude of accessories without having to carry a backpack or jam them in your pockets. Each pack measures 16″ x 6″ x 4 1/2″ so you can easily carry your wallet, cellular phone, sunglasses, credit cards, maps and other items safely and securely. The fanny pack strap will adjust to a maximum of 48″. Carry your stuff in style with a fanny pack!

Full leather Belt Waist Bag,perfect for Biker to carry

The full leather Belt Waist Bag is perfect for Motorcycle or Biker wallets too! Plenty of space for those who want or need a hands free method of carrying important items. This soft handcrafted lambskin genuine leather waist bag has 6 zippered compartments. The one large top compartment is ideal for a camera, GPS or wallet, passport while front outer pouch with one compartment that zips along the top and another compartment that zips across the front are great for those small items like cellular phone, PDA, MP3, gameboys, sunglasses. Zippered money pocket hidden along waistline in back, PLUS a zippered compartment in each of the wings of the waist bag for coins and smaller items. Always a great accessory for joggers, sport spectators or travelers. A must have, unisex item for all ages!

Black Leather Fanny Pack Belt Travel Waist Purse Bag

Genuine Lambskin Leather Belt Bag You see belt bags everywhere these days – at the mall, movie theaters, entertainment parks, on joggers. Our 16″ x 6″ x 4-1/2″ buttery soft leather waist bag Features 5 different zippered areas, including 2 located on the strap area to hide ?emergency money?. Carry your wallet, cellular phone, sunglasses, credit cards, maps, and other items as close to you as you can get without wearing them next to your skin. Strap will adjust to a maximum of 48″.