We specialize in the production and export of women's gloveS and leather gloveS with reliable quality and reasonable price.Our important business are women glovesS wholesale and leather women's gloves export.As a women's gloves exporter,we have rich experience.Meanwhile, our company own a factory -- SHANGHAI EAJANEL LEATHERWARE CO., LTD in Shanghai,which produces all kinds of leather gloves and leather goods.

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Leather Gloves Greatly Enhance Your Personality

Leather gloves are in existence since long time before. And with time they keep rising in many respects like colors, styles and designs and today have taken a modern twist. Earlier women used to wear them on regular basis. At any time of the day women used to wear but today they are kept aside for special occasions. Gloves are highly admired and have acquired top position in the fashion world. In prom, weddings, cocktail party etc. everywhere women are seen flaunting style in them. Outfit also gets great boost wearing long leather gloves. They not only enhance person’s personality but also raise look of attire.