We specialize in the production and export of lambskin handbags and sheepskin bag with reliable quality and reasonable price.Our important business are lambskin handbags wholesale and leather handbags export.As lambskin handbags exporter,we have rich experience.Meanwhile, our company own a factory—SHANGHAI EAJANEL LEATHERWARE CO., LTD in Baoshan Urban Industrial Park in Shanghai,which produces all kinds of leather handbags.

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How To Care For Your Lambskin Handbag

So, you have an exquisite leather bag that you have just bought and you are wondering how to maintain it’s quality. These quick tips will answer your questions as to how to care for an lambskin handbag.

Women’s Handbags: Spruce Up the Ordinary

Do you ever find your wardrobe is missing something? Have you ever wondered how to make an outfit more or less formal? The answer to many of today’s wardrobe problems can be answered with the handbag. You do not have to run out and buy an entirely different wardrobe; a new handbag will spruce up the average jeans/t-shirt ensemble, or add life to an everyday work outfit. This can make an otherwise casual outfit a little dressier without sacrificing comfort. That same handbag can also add to a formal or business ensemble by adding a little glimmer that catches anyone’s eye.

Handbags – What All Should You Check Before Buying Them?

Handbags are one of the most important fashion accessories for women. While selecting a handbag for you what is the first thing on your priority list? Most of the women check style or design of the bag before anything. For some color is more important than anything else as it should match with their wardrobe color. However, the brand is rage among women. If you’re carrying a branded handbag, other women will get to know that “you know what fashion is!” Do you think brand, color and design are to things that you should consider while looking for handbags? You should everything even if it is as small as buttons and zipper in addition to vital things such as surface, strap and stitch.