2010 Handbags Trends

www.handbago.com Submitted By Gray 2009-12-30

2010 is going to be a year of rejuvenation in the world of fashion. While the economy is not as exuberant as we planned, we are seeing "hope" for a brighter future in the new collections coming out this spring. The 2010 spring lines represent and relay the feelings that have been felt around the world, the complications, the hardships, and uncertainty that has forced the survival instinct in all of us to return to the to belief that anything is possible, that we can break free of the rules that once applied. 

Hardcore trends have been ditched for an array of eclectic, embellished menagerie of carefully structured chaos. A collaboration of femininity and masculinity, old world charm and futurism, as well as luxe displays of exotic ethnicity that have been compiled to create a true feeling of harmony in the togetherness of celebrating ones¡¯ avant-garde individuality. Alexander Wang, Burberry Prorsum, Chanel, Lanvin, Balenciaga, Oscar de la Renta, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Marc Jacobs are all designing smaller bags with longer shoulder straps, pouchette¡¯s, medium sized clutches and handheld hobos incorporating exotic embellishments, rich textures, and monotone metallic¡¯s.

Balenciaga has empowered the return of old world charm that reminds one of the Motherland and Chanel is channeling the romance of rustic beauty with a twist of dried flowers, woven rattan that is reminiscent of the French countryside. Balenciaga takes a different approach with stark futuristic lines, bright colors that are uber urban, suggesting the hope of tomorrow, while Burberry exudes the beauty and softness of America¡¯s casual yet powerful elegance, using soft earth tones and suede for their briefcases and business savvy totes.  Lanvin touches on the seriousness of the 1940s with medium sized clutches, gold chain, and feminine pouchette¡¯s.

Oscar de la Renta breaks out of the mold by going glam, luxury in all it¡¯s glory, with the use of exotic skins such as ostrich and creatively patterned handheld hobos and small fold over wallets. Dian Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs go mad for embellishments, fringe, tassels that scream individuality and the beauty of ethnicity. Exotic leathers, embroidery, tribal prints, raffia weave, mixing brightly matte colors with earth tones and pastels, this is what you¡¯ll see in 2010.

Each designer is showing a dichotomy of all things that do not seem to blend at first glance, showing us that nothing is as it seems and anything goes. There is a freedom to the chaos, the feeling like we can truly fill our lungs with fresh air again. What is 2010 about?  It¡¯s about the collaboration of celebrating individuality and giving ourselves permission to join hands, despite our differences to change the world together.